Video tutorials on double knitting

I have made a few tutorials on double knitting in the round to make it easier for you to make my double knitted designs, like Fliggflagg, Skranglemann and Vinterhjerter. All the videos are without sound to make them as international as possible.

The first one is the cast on:

The important thing to notice here is that you put the yarn you want on the side of the work facing you while knitting over the index finger while casting on.

The next video show how to double knit in the round:

Notice that the yarn on the facing side of the work is closest to you on your index finger, that both yarns are held to the back for the knit stitches and to the front for the purl stitches.

The third video show the Russian join, the best way to join your yarn when double knitting:

Then the bind off:

Last but not least, how to weave in the ends:

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials and have fun with your double knitting!

Read about this in Norwegian // Les om dette på norsk HER.


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