New design: Skranglemann

I have just released a new design: Skranglemann!


Skranglemann is another double knitted cowl with a Halloween motif. These dancing skeletons will keep you warm and cosy during the scary season!


Skranglemann (which means something like rattling man) is a one size unisex cowl fit for most ages. You might need to be a bit playful to wear it, but that´s it really.


I really love double knitting. It is a technique with a lot of room to play around with different motifs. It is not hard to do either, all you need to know are knit and purl stitches really. A have made a few video tutorials on this technique that I will post here during the next few days.


This pattern is available in English in my Ravelry pattern store, with more details about the pattern HERE.

Until the end of October you´ll get a 50% discount on this pattern!

Read about this in Norwegian // Les om dette på norsk HER.


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