New design: Fliggflagg

I have been having a lot of fun making this design! It is a double knitted cowl perfect for autumn and Halloween. I really love this time of year. Nature is so stunning with all its reds and yellows. I also love Halloween, when everything is sort of cosy and scary at the same time. When the idea for this cowl came to me I dropped all my other projects and focused on this. I am so happy I did! I love it!


Double knitting is so much fun! It is a technique which gives a lot of room to play around with colours and motifs. I used a Fine wool for this design, Finullgarn from Rauma, but you can use most yarns with a gauge of 26 sts per 10 cm.


You will find more details about this design in my ravelry store where you can buy the pattern if you too want to knit Fliggflagg.

Buy pattern HERE.

Read about this in Norwegian. // Les om dette på norsk HER.


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