A warm shawl, and Stella in the sunset

I am learning to sew after so many years of wanting to but never seeming to find the time. One of the first things I´ve sewn is this bohemian dress, and I love it so much!

Stella i solnedgang

I brought Mr. Charming and his camera to this park in the middle of Oslo to play around with the lovely light one evening a few weeks ago. Can you believe that we are surrounded by the city? The whole mood in these photographs is very rural, I think.

Stella i solnedgang

I made this shawl this spring and used this opportunity to photograph it too. It goes so well with my dress!


My shawl:

8 mm/ US 11 needle.

Gauge: 12 sts = 10 cm worked in moss stitch.

Finished measurements: 40 x 140 cm.

Yarn: 2 skeins of light brown Sulka, and 8 skeins of dark brown Sulka.

I cast on 49 sts with light brown and worked in moss stitch, with one selvage stitch in each side. When I had finished the first skein of light brown I switched to dark brown and knit until I had used all the 8 skeins I had. I switched to light brown again, knitted the same amount of rows as with the first skein of light brown and bound off.

You can of course make this in any kind of yarn and with any kind of measurements you like.

Stella and shawl

A shawl is like a warm hug. Knit one for someone you love and you have given them a comforting hug that lasts forever, with love in every stitch.


Read about this in Norwegian. // Les om dette på norsk HER.

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