New design: Atlin baby blanket

I am very happy to present my newest design: Atlin baby blanket!


A very good friend of mine moved all the way to Australia to marry her sweetheart. Australia is very very far away from Norway, and when she told me she was expecting a baby I almost immediately got the idea for this blanket. I want to be a part of my friend´s and the baby´s life, and when I can´t be there myself, I wanted to do the next best thing which is to send my love in the form of something I have designed and knitted with love in every stitch. The little prince was borne in mid June (the day before my own birthday actually) and I am happy to say the blanket made it there in time for the birth, and that the parents loved it.


Atlin is knittet in DROPS Cotton Light, in a beautiful leaf pattern. The blanket is a surprisingly fast knit, which my testers proved when they finished it in only a few days.

See more details about the Atlin baby blanket an buy the pattern in my Ravelry pattern store.


Read about this in Norwegian. // Les om dette på norsk HER.

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