Cookie jars for my yarn

Yesterdays walk in my neighborhood ended up with this bargain: Two big cookie jars on sale at 97 % off! I have wanted glasses like these for a long time, I have just been waiting for the right bargain.

Mine nye garnglass. / My new yarn jars.

My new yarn jars.

I have never intended to actually keep cookies in my jars. I always intended to fill them with yarn. Yarn can be so decorative!

Garnglass med garn. / Yarn jars with yarn.

Yarn jars with yarn.

With all this focus on cookies I have a serious craving for cookies! I guess there is only one thing to do. I´m on my way to the kitchen to bake me some cookies!

4 thoughts on “Cookie jars for my yarn

  1. Fine glass med veldig kjekt innhold! 🙂

    Jeg har stående et Norges-glass med nøster i alle regnbuens farger. Til å bli i godt humør av.

    Du kan jo STRIKKE noen småkaker? 😉


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