In my previous post I gave a presentation of this year´s theme, which is Alaska. In this post it is this year´s first design, Huslia, which is given a presentation.

Genseren Huslia / The Huslia Sweater

The Huslia Sweater

The Huslia sweater is knitted with a yarn called Hexa from Du Store Alpakka. It is a lovely cable spun yarn made from the finest alpaca fibers. This is a super soft bulky yarn, which gives lovely garments. The back and front of Huslia are worked separately in moss stitch. The sleeves are worked back and forth in moss stitch and the sweater is crocheted together rather than sewn.

Fabelaktig, myk og kul! / Fabulous, soft and cool!

Fabulous, soft and cool!

The idea for this sweater was to make something oversized and cool but at the same time with a pattern that is easily customized, even for the novice knitter. I made the back a bit longer than the front, and I chose to leave slits in the sides, but that is optional. Huslia is an easy and fun knit, and the simple design makes for a lot of different varieties. You could make it shorter. Make the sleeves wider or straight. Make it into a dress, longer and perhaps more fitted. You could easily make it into a jacket by splitting the front in two. How about making a v-neck instead of the original boat neck? The possibilities are endless!

Huslia er så kosemyk! / Huslia is so comfy!

Do you want a comfy Huslia too? You can knit it yourself! The pattern is available in English at Ravelry.

See all of my designs on Ravelry.

And my Ravelry store.

Read about this in Norwegian HERE.

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