The Year of Alaska

Okay, it´s time to give a presentation this year´s theme: Alaska. I started up as an independent designer in 2012 and the theme I chose for my designs that year was plants and flowers. At first I didn´t think about English names at all, and gave the designs Norwegian plant names, names I thought were fitting for each design. Now that I have started to translate these patterns into English, I find that the English plant names are not always as pretty as the Norwegian ones. One example of that is Skogfrue, which English name is Helleborine. Helleborine doesn´t sound as poetic to me, as Skogfrue literally translates to “Lady of the Forest”. Therefore I choose not to translate the plant names into the English plant names, but a more poetic name when I find that to be more fitting, and Skogfrue became Lady of the Forest.

Skogfrue / Lady of the Forest.

Skogfrue / Lady of the Forest.

The theme I chose for 2013 was stars and planets. The names are pretty much the same in Norwegian and English. Norwegian sometimes use a “k” when English use a “c” (like Komet / Comet), and the English ones sometimes end with an “e” where the Norwegian ones don´t (like Neptun / Neptune). Much easier to translate!

Neptun / Neptune.

Neptun / Neptune.

Which brings me to the theme I chose for 2014; Alaska. Now, why would an urban Norwegian woman like me choose Alaska for a theme, you might wonder? Because since I was about 15 years old I have had this dream of living in the Alaskan wilderness with a team of Siberian Huskies for at least a year. I grew up with a girl whose family had Siberian Huskies and I spent a lot of time with them and the dogs. Finally, when I was 16 years old, I got my very own Siberian! A beautiful male I named Kahn. Kahn was with me until he died of old age at the age of 13. I could write an entire book about him and all the funny and weird things he did and how special he was (I bet your dog is the best dog ever to walk the face of this planet too!), but I´m not going to haul it out here.

Kahn og datteren min i 2006. / Kahn and my daughter in 2006.

Kahn og datteren min i 2006. / Kahn and my daughter in 2006.

First up this year is Huslia, where “the Huslia Hustler”, Georga Attla is from. George Attla is a Native American dog musher, and he was my hero when I was a teenager. I guess he still is, although I was more passionate about dog racing back then. I must have seen the movie about his life: “Spirit of the Wind”, hundreds of times. This movie is not possible to come by anymore it seems, and it has been more than 15 years since I last saw it. I really really wish I had a copy of it on DVD. Here is a small clip from youtube:

Genseren Huslia / The Huslia sweater.

Genseren Huslia / The Huslia sweater.

A presentation of the Huslia sweater is coming soon!

Read about this in Norwegian HERE.

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