Hjertensfryd / Heart´s Delight


Hjertensfryd Heart´s Delight

Hjertensfryd is Heart´s Delight

The pattern for this lovely set called Heart´s Delight is available in English on Ravelry! Heart´s Delight is a set of scarf and wrist warmers which is knitted in a reversible cable to make it look just as gorgeous on both sides. It is fun to knit and wonderful to wear!

One Size.

Finished measurements

Width: 13 cm.
Length: Ca. 160 cm.
Wrist warmers:
Circumference: 20 cm.
Length: 13 cm.

DROPS Alpaca, 100 % alpaca, no. 1101.

Hjertensfryd / Heart´s Delight

Check out more of my designs on Ravelry!

Buy this pattern in English.

Read about this in Norwegian HERE.

Buy this pattern in Norwegian.

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