Isop – funky løs hals

The spring got replaced by something windy and wet here in Oslo, and the way the wind is howling these days one is more tempted to cuddle into something soft and warm than thinking of loosing clothes.

This soft and warm eternity scarf is just right for all seasons. Hyssop is knitted in DROPS Delight, a yarn made of 75 % wool and 25 % polyamid. Hyssop is knitted a bit loosely to make it extra soft, and thanks to the spiral rib it looks just as pretty on the wrong side as on the right side.

Hyssop can be used in several ways, long and loose or wrapped two or three times around the neck. It can even be used as a hood.

Do you like this design? Want to knit one yourself? Buy the pattern in my Ravelry Pattern Store.

Les om dette på norsk HER.


3 thoughts on “Isop – funky løs hals

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